Day 14

WEDNESDAY 28th 2016



  • Green Juice
  • Arm workout at Lunch
  • Java Smoothie


My best friend is in town from San Francisco! Every year all our girlfriends get together for our annual Christmas party. We all bring food, drinks, a book to trade, and one gift that is randomly distributed. We have all been friends since elementary school and watched each other change, grow, fall, succeed and love hundreds of times. The night was hilarious, I almost dry heaved from laughing so hard, and tears sprang out of my eyes in happiness, sweetness & laughter. I have so much love for these women, each one is unique and good hearted, topped with a humor that you’d never think came from suburbia Ohio.

The food spread was amazing, with raw and vegan options.  I ate light but enjoyed the amazing options available for me! We all loved our gifts we received and although they are distributed through a draw of a number it seems that each person receives a gift in which they find purposeful to them at that moment. The akin energy between the person and the gift always makes us laugh. I hugged each one tight as this is the last time I will see most of them until after my trip & I won’t be with them for NYE.

Day 13

Tuesday Dec. 27th. 


 I was still full from Christmas and defiantly feeling more sluggish then usual.  I skipped my lunch workout and instead did yoga postures in the sauna at work. After, I had a banana, carrot, blueberry, cinnamon & water juice. It was yummy! I went to Bikram with my sister, it was one of the hardest classes I’ve experienced all year. The postures never change in Bikram and the instructor uses the same verbiage every time, but I could feel my mind battling my body the entire time, making it a hard feat. I was feeling uncomfortable in my body from the holidays, my light body that is usually easy to move felt like it was playing a mean prank on me &swallowed rocks.  I battled myself the whole time getting there and on the mat. The good thing about the experience is that I had the chance to be nice to myself over and over again every 3 minutes. I left feeling 95% better! Sometimes we must accept being uncomfortable if we want to experience change.

Day 8-12

 12. 22 Thursday- Monday 12.26


I worked out Thursday & Friday, &  enjoyed Bikram Saturday morning, Christmas Eve.  I did not compensate my diet to badly over the holidays but I defiantly ate more than I usually would & I can feel it. I am so much more sleepy when my body is digesting more food groups & bigger portions. My energy doesn’t seem as clear and I certainly do not have the capacity to focus on things the way I do when I am eating a fully raw diet. It was a great reminder and confirmation of how good my lifestyle and diet does make me feel when I am following it. It was the holidays though and I am not going to beat myself up but rather take the next few days before my trip to reset, meditate, yoga, and exercise. I had all the most delicious vegan foods & desserts over the holiday. I am so thankful for the time I spent with family & friends <3.



Day 7-Winter Solstice

Day 7- The Shortest Day of the Year 12.21.16

The winter solstice, marks the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Traditional rituals call for spending time with family, observing  changes in nature, & reflecting on the past year for personal growth & cleansing for new beginnings.  Last night we celebrated the solstice to a guided meditation with singing bowls & shamanic drumming to bless the sacred waters of the world & the water within our bodies.

   duI was pleased to be in this space, but something felt very off about the ceremony for me. Instead of attuning my energy & resonating with me, the sounds seemed disruptive & painful to my chakras. It wasn’t a good uncomfortable that breaks you open to cleanse, it was a painful unattuned sound traveling from my ears through my meridians & it physically hurt. My thought is that next time I feel that something does not feel right for me, I will honor and protect my energy and leave. There is a great difference in recognizing the spirit of darkness & suffering, and something that feels unparalleled to your being.

I am grateful for the experience & in the discomfort I sat chanting Via over and over again. Blessing our waters, fearless water protectors & the flowing water within my body. I left feeling like my energy cords were shocked/had a short. We had hot tea and vegetarian sushi afterwards, the substance brought me back to life.

11:11 is  around me to much lately to ignore .

Day 6- Bikram Tuesday

Tuesday 12.20.16b

I did not have time to meditate this morning, I chose sleep :/. I could defiantly feel a difference in my thought patterns and my motions seemed less mindful throughout the day. I knew I was going to Bikram directly after work, so I skipped my break workout and finished some errands on lunch. It is a 40 minute drive to the Cleveland Bikram yoga studio, it is the only one in this area. The room is ideally heated to 104 °F with a humidity of 40%. It is a 26 posture practice for 90 minutes.  Bikram, is so detoxifying, sweat literally comes out of my eyeballs. HAHA, OH MY GOODNESS WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT TO SAY THAT? “I’m not crying my eyeballs are sweating. 🙂” seriously though sweat comes out of places I didn’t even know produce sweat. It is unlike any other form of yoga that I have ever practiced. Challenging my body in a completely different way that takes the mental focus & patience of a warrior. Like much of yoga, breathing through the discomfort helps greatly. The post- bikram bliss is worth every challenging moment of the practice. I feel light & energized stepping off that mat. Even though my day was long  and I didn’t get home until after 9p. I was on one & had to much energy to just go to sleep! A and I stayed up talking about our upcoming trip together, starting NYE on the Mexican island of  Isla Mujeres  “Island of  Women”. 11 more days!

EAT PRETTY EVERYDAY TIP, P285: Low magnesium levels can hasten aging by increasing free radicals & making cells more susceptible to damage. Magnesium is also a calming mineral & powerful detoxifer. It increases serotonin levels & relaxes muscles. Foods that are rich in magnesium are leafy greens, cashews, quinoa & pumpkin seeds. Soaking in Epsom salt for 20 minutes is a great calming & detoxifying beauty ritual.

Day 5, Magic Monday

mag   I woke up Monday a bit sleepy, I made my bed and sat on top of it moving with care. I grabbed my mala off the alter and started to pray. Using the mantra “I AM LIGHT”. After 108 times I confirmed to honor the light in myself & others. I had a strawberry, blueberry, spinach smoothie for breakfast.  I worked out my upper body on break. For lunch I had a spinach salad. When I got home I was still feeling energized although running on little sleep, I kept moving by doing laundry and prepping my lunch for Tuesday. At 8pm I went to a mellow Monday yoga class that was all about restorative posses and accepting the uncomfortably & stillness of doing nothing. This was a perfect challenge for me.  One of the things I am creating in my life is slowing down. I like to experience as much as I can in a day which creates a fast moving energy that is present in almost every activity I am doing.I have to mindfully connect with my breath often and recognize that nothing is more important then the moment I am in. When I am feeling rushed, I like to take a step back and ask myself if this were a child would I care for it the same way I am caring for myself. If my answer is no then I change the direction of my actions/ thoughts to nurture my inner child.

Day 4- Sunday

12.18.16  Sunday

sI woke up early, despite getting little sleep. I realized I was very awake & there was no point in pretending to sleep. I put some tea on and did a Tea Meditation. Meditating until the sound of the kettle alarmed me that it was time to have tea. I realized while it was still early I should go to the gym and get my leg workout out of the way before Andrew woke up. I had an awesome workout at the gym and came back to coloring mandalas and Christmas records. We went to a vegan cafe & I had  Raw Faux Tuna Wraps w/ sprouts, tomatoes & a side of Kale Chips! It was awesome. A few synchronizations happened at the cafe, our order was placed under “BEE” & had a similar logo to my blog logo here. I also found a  Moon tarot card, the card of intuition, dreams and the unconscious. The Moon provides light as a reflection of the Sun, yet the light is dim, uncertain, and only vaguely illuminates our path as we journey toward higher consciousness. A & I will always have a connection to the moon as we met at a moon party.  Being good reflections of each other & cultivating clean masculine (sun) & feminine (moon) energy is common theme in our relationship. After we ate, we went to Kirtan. It was such a beautiful devotion & I was happy to share the experience with such lovely people. After Kirtan we were really high on the vibrations & danced to records at home. I made a small banana peanut butter smoothie when I got home that tasted like a milk shake ❤ . I had trouble sleeping b/c of all the activated energy & maybe the coffee I consumed earlier. I finally fell asleep at 2A to rise at 6A.